The Superior Solution For Heat Pump Maintenance

Make Sure Your Heat Pump is in it For the Long Haul

Selecting and installing the right heat pump for your home is only half the battle when it comes to maintaining consistent and efficient heating. The equally important part of keeping your home comfortable is routine maintenance. After all, a well-maintained heat pump can help you save 10% to 25% on your energy bills.

Heat Pump Maintenance is Crucial for Efficiency

Just like any other heating and cooling system, your heat pump should be inspected annually by a trained professional to ensure that your home is filled with clean, safe air, and that you are getting the greatest return on your investment.

Our fully certified and trained technicians offer Superior heat pump maintenance services, including:

  • Changing the air filters
  • Checking the indoor coil
  • Test the controls that switch between heating and cooling modes
  • Checking your thermostat
  • Making sure the components in your heat pump are properly lubricated
  • Check for any debris that might interfere with your system
  • Check for leaks and sealing any that we find
  • …And much more!

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance in Mid-Michigan

At Superior Home Comfort, our trained and certified technicians have the skills and expertise to ensure that your heat pump is operating safely and at peak performance. To take charge of your system and protect your investment, fill out our online form or call our team at 517.925.1343 today.