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Do you and your family argue over the thermostat controls? You may want to consider ductless heating and cooling.

A ductless split system lets you create temperature zones in your house so everyone’s happy. That way, you don’t have to be shivering in your turtleneck and sweater while the kids complain it’s too hot.

Our HVAC contractors will be able to help you choose the best ductless system for your home.

Unlike other heating and cooling options, a mini split system can be installed on your wall to free up floor space. For example, a wall-mounted ductless air conditioner would be able to cool your living room without being obtrusive. A ductless air conditioner could also be used to cool the master bedroom so you can sleep better.

Each ductless system unit is responsible for heating or cooling one room. A mini split system is perfect for home additions out of range of the original heating and cooling system. For example, our HVAC contractors could install ductless heating in a new three-season porch so the family could enjoy it year-round.

Our Grand Ledge HVAC contractors at Superior Home Comfort are able to install ductless heat pumps, air conditioners, and more. To schedule service for your ductless heating and cooling system, call (517) 925-1343.

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